Postpartum depression

I was diagnosed with PPD after both of my pregnancies and I wanted to share both of my experiences.

I was told during my pregnancy with Liam that Postpartum Depression was common in my family. I took that time to research, ask questions, and take as much precaution as necessary. After Liam was born I had the common aches and pains a woman goes through after a vaginal birth, I fell in love with my husband all over again watching him become a father to our son, and I had an unconditional love for this incredible little boy.

It took three days after he was born and those feelings turned to extreme anxiety, overwhelming sadness, and no control over my emotions. I would cry for hours and have no reason for it. I would get panic attacks that consumed my whole body, It was as if i had swallowed hot coal and the white hot burning feeling would start from the pit of my stomach and grow up into my chest and head. My heart would be pounding and I knew that everything that I had read was happening to me. My husband and I decided to officially start bottle feeding Liam that day because of the stress I was under and the fact that he was 100% uninterested in breast feeding. The next morning I immediately made an appointment with my OBGYN. They were very supportive and happy I had realized the things I was feeling was out of my control and it was ok to ask for help. Right then they prescribed me with some medication. I only needed the lower dose to just help get my hormones back in check. The medicine took about 2 weeks to settle into my system. During that time I was taking Melatonin to make me sleepy to control my panic attacks. My mom would come over daily to help take care of Liam, make me meals, and take care of my apartment. I don’t know what I would of done without her! After about a month I started to feel myself and my husband had his wife back.

When I got pregnant with Bennett I knew there was a very good chance my Postpartum Depression would return. We decided from the beginning that I would bottle feed him as I was already busy with a toddler and didn’t need the added stress. I started taking the same medication and dosage I had the first time 3 hours after delivery. The three day mark came and my anxiety was about a 5/10. The next day it was 3/10. By day five I had no anxiety and I felt like me. The pains of pregnancy were gone, I had a healthy baby boy, and my family felt whole.

I wanted to share my story for those woman who might have felt the way I did the days after having a baby. Some times you might fell a little overwhelmed and completely exhausted, but if there’s a chance it might be more than that please don’t be embarrassed to talk to someone. Being a mom is the best gift God has given to woman, but we need to stick together and help each other out when we feel it’s a lot harder than we expected.

Us Mommies have to stick together!

God bless.


Hopscotch activity

Summer days bring late, firefly filled skies and lots of fun pool days. They can also bring a lot of showers and storms. This past week was pretty dreary and we didn’t see the sun for days. For anyone who have an active child like mine, too many days inside is a recipe for disaster. I decided to make this fun game that would get both me and my sons body moving and blood pumping. 

I don’t have a template for this activity because I made it by hand. You could also have your child help by cutting the paper and helping you color the paper for fun. This is also a guideline and you can write as many activities, more or less, and also change the numbers. Liam and I used a rock he had found outside, he loves rocks. 

Sometimes those rainy days are nice to remind yourself to slow down. Enjoy the time with your little ones!


Bathing suit

“Bathing suit”

Why is it when I hear this word I want to run and hide under my covers in my sweats!! Yes I’m almost 6 months postpartum, but this world only shows perfection and “mommy bods” aren’t exactly the ultimate fashion statement. Even celebrity mommies go into hiding till they have the pre baby body they once had. No I do not have a nanny or personal trainer to help whip me back is shape. I’m also not breast feeding so that’s not helping either. Self love is a tough one for me, I struggle with just loving myself and the body God has given me. I heard someone say once, “If you don’t like yourself then your always around someone you don’t like”. That statement really hit me right in the heart. How can you be happy and feel love if you can’t feel that way about yourself. I’m a boy mom so I don’t have a young girl looking up to me, but I do have boys looking at my husband who calls me beautiful and gorgeous. He even has my oldest come to me and tell me I look pretty. I would usually say thank you, but then criticize something like my hair doesn’t look right or my favorite dress I wore last year pre baby doesn’t fit, or that I  just woke up and still have morning breathe. Now I try to think of that statement and how I have these men in my life who love me for me; no make up or even the extra 20 pounds can change that.

Talking about self love, it’s pool season and yes that mean less clothes and a bathing suit. If you’re looking in your drawers and don’t like anything you see, buy a new one!! After having Liam I purchased a one piece that made me feel pretty and covered everything I needed covered. I came across a video on Facebook just after having Liam, her name is Jessica Rey and she had created a bathing suit company for woman and girls. Her focus was to make woman look beautiful without showing too much skin. I fell in love with her message and checked out her website, I immediately found this beautiful swimsuit, I was looking for something that had ruching (to hide the post partum belly), padded bra, and supportive straps. This suit was perfect, plus it was named after an Audrey Hepburn character!

Things to think about in a new suit after having  a baby:

  • Comfort
  • Does it cover everything
  • Support. This is for the girls (breastfeeding or not) also your baby will like to grab on your suit well into elementary age.

If you get to the pool, new suit and all, and you’re just not ready, buy a really cute cover up that can get wet. Just remember that no one is really looking at you anyway, they’re all looking at that beautiful baby!

ann in seaspray

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