Baby Registry

As a second time mom I now have the understanding of “every baby is different”. That statement couldn’t be anymore true with my two boys. I thought we were prepared in the registry department when I found out I was having my second son. I thought “great it’s another boy! We already have clothes, a crib, baby chair, jumper; I’m all set” (except for diapers and wipes of course). Man was I completely wrong. Liam hated being swaddled, Bennett loves it. Liam never spit up but WATCH OUT every time you changed his diaper; Bennett spits up everyday, all the time and can be un-diapered for 5 minutes. It wasn’t as difficult figuring these things out as it was with the first. You already have some experience under your wing so what doesn’t work you don’t sweat it and try something else. I have some lady friends who are pregnant with their first baby and want to know what’s best to register for. I made a list of items I used with Liam for the  first year of life and added some items that I didn’t have that Bennett needed. If you are a first time mom, second, third, even fourth time mom and trying to remember back on the baby stage and what baby items were best, (because you know once you’re pregnant your brain turns to mush and you’re lucky enough to remember to shower let alone a baby registry from your previous pregnancies) check out my Baby Registry List below. **I bottle fed both my boys so I don’t have any breast feeding items listed**


*Dresser (used as changing table as well)

*Changing pad (cover optional, Liam used to pee on it all the time so I just stopped

using it. Bennett doesn’t so I use it for him)


*Mattress (it’s best to get a new mattress for every child, as Liam got older he would jump in the crib and the mattress wasn’t good anymore)

*Rocking chair/Glider

*Mobile (optional, I got one for Liam, but haven’t set it up for Bennett. I’m afraid Liam

may play with it since they share a room)

*Monthly baby picture frame (optional, I got one for each boy)

*Diaper champ

*Sound machine (hush noise is okay for the first year but can be harmful to their ears after

12 months. I now use the waves noise)

*Monitor (as a new parent I used a video monitor, I suggest the Motorola MBP365. Mine ended up breaking and so I’m now using just a sound monitor, the Vtech safe & sound)

Baby Gear

*Stroller travel system (Graco) (I liked that I could get a car seat and stroller for one price. To be honest we focused more on the stroller to see if it would be tall enough for my 6’4″ husband and for it to have big cup holders. (this was at my husbands request as we enjoyed frequent lunches at Which Wich and the cup was rather large.)

*Baby carrier (I registered for an Eddie Bower carrier for Liam and only used it twice. I ended up giving it to a friend because I never used it and wasn’t particularly fond of it. Having two kids I love my Ergo baby carrier, I were it at most of our outings when Bennett is tired of sitting in his car seat and needs some mommy time. Make sure to register for the infant insert as well)

*Pack n play with changing station (I planned on putting both boys in the same room but knew Bennett needed to be somewhere else in the first months as to not wake up Liam during night feedings. We ended up putting the pack n play in the dining room of our apartment. It worked out so well and the attached changing station worked perfect for middle of the night changes)


*Diapers (pamper swaddlers/luvs/target)

*Wipes (pampers sensative/members mark)

*Diaper caddy. (It’s nice to have a couple of these around the house, especially if you live in a two story house and your nursery is upstairs. Having supplies downstairs will help you a lot!

*Butt paste/target brand

*Diaper bag (Here is my bag, I have it in Aqua Radian. I purchased it when Liam was around 6 months and my first diaper bag wasn’t big enough. I like to strap the bag on my stroller handle to leave room to put stuff in the basket. I use this bag for both boys stuff. This is a cute bag if you like backpacks.

**Baby bum diaper cream brush** (We don’t own one of these but I wish we did)


*Bottles (avent ) 4oz and 9oz (I got the 4oz bottles knowing it comes with stage 1 nipples, 9oz only has stage 2 nipples and those are for older babies which I now use that Bennett’s 6 months old. Also I registered for new bottles, using a bottle brush can cause cuts in the bottles which traps bacteria.)

*Poppy Pillow with cover

*Burp cloths (I find that cloth diapers work great as burp cloths, especially for all the spit ups Bennett has)

*Bottle brush (I boil my bottles for the first couple of months to sanitize)

*Formula (Enfamil infant) We used Enfamil Gentlease for Liam and started with that formula for Bennett. We found it made him spit up so much more than he does now. We tried other Enfamil products and found that the Infant was best. He still spits up but less than any other formula)

*Dishwasher basket

*Spit up bibs (These are originally called drool bibs but work perfect for spit up as well, also the patterns are so cute.)

*Drying rack

Solid Feeding

*High Chair (mine attaches to a dining room chair)

*Gerber food (I also make some homemade food, if I have the time)


*Spoons and pouch spoons (pouches are perfect for on the go)

*Sippy cups

*Splat mat for carpet

*Bibs (These are different then the spit up bibs. You can get cheap ones with the plastic on the back or the silicone. I liked the silicone for toddler stage for solid food)

*Munchkin fresh food feeder


*Bath tub


*Bath cup

*Tub Toy scoop

*Hooded towels and washcloths

*Shampoo (make sure to get tear free)


*Wearable Blanket (Especially for the winter months! Since Bennett liked to be swaddled I just tied the arms across his chest)

*Swaddle blankets  (I only purchased these for Bennett, make sure to go up a size to make room for growth.)

*Love to swaddle 50/50 (Around 4 months Bennett was getting a little big for the swaddle me blankets and he was getting upset he couldn’t suck on his hands. I found these and Bennett loves it. Some moms have only purchased these as they can be used from birth. Make sure to purchase at least 2 when one has to go into the wash.)

*Onesies under footie PJs (Both boys were born when it was cold, the onesies helped with an extra layer for warmth)

Baby Soothers, Toys, and Entertainment

*Pacifiers (avent, nuk, custom pacifiers) Liam still uses a pacifier for rest and bed time. To keep help him recognize the difference we purchased plain pacifier’s for Bennett and Liam got to have designs.
*Bouncy chair (rocker)


*Jumper (exersaucer) We chose the jumper for Liam, working with children and babies I saw that children enjoyed the jumper more than the exersaucer. I’m glad I went with my gut because both boys loved it.


*Teething toys


*First aid kit


*baby/infant tylenol for vaccinations (bring this to your first vaccination appointment and the doctor can tell you how much to give your child)

*Baby brush

*Bulb syringe

*Potty seat (Liam never used ours, we’ll see if Bennett will)

*Backseat mirror
*Car seat canopy

*Seat cover (I love this, all the yucky food ends up on the cover and off my seats)


*Shopping cart cover (babies love to put their mouths on the shopping cart handle, this protects baby from germs plus there are rings to hand toys)

*Batteries (AAA AA C D) Everything takes batteries!!!!

*Bumbo chair with tray (I fed the boys in it and it helps teach baby to sit up)

Yes babies need a lot, please don’t feel overwhelmed. All babies are different and have certain needs. Put all the thing you will need on your registry. You will not receive it all so with money and gift cards you can purchase the rest. Some registries you can make some items a high priority. I know Target has it, that’s where I registered. Remember to not stress and enjoy this special, happy time your with husband.