Father’s Day 2017

Father’s Day in our house is a little different. Alex makes bread on Sunday’s so we celebrated all day Saturday. I sometimes have a hard time coming up with ideas because he doesn’t have an office so no homemade pictures. He doesn’t wear a tie so nothing tie related. We decided to go jumping at Defy Gravity and a fun MOVIE NIGHT. 

I found this really cute idea on Pinterest to put our Movie Night package together. We had large paper bags around for my husbands bread business and my picture of the boys was a left over from a large picture order. Walgreens always has specials for 100+ pictures at a low price, I usually jump at the opportunity to hand them out to family and then use the extras for crafts such as these. The ticket stub box is made from a Frozen graham cracker box. I covered it with construction paper and let Liam color it with markers. I purchased my candy from The Dollar Store; the candy tastes the same and is so much cheaper than other stores. I made sure to get M&Ms for Liam and then Twizzlers and Snickers are my husbands favorite. I purchased enough to share with everyone, even me! I made sure to portion my snacks and added the points even though it was my “cheat day”. I put the candy in left over cellophane bags from Liam’s birthday party and added a red ribbon. We already had a bunch of movies at home that we haven’t seen in a while and my husband was just happy to be able to pick. I also printed off some movie tickets for each family member to make it more fun. You can find cute free movie ticket printable on Pinterest.  I printed them on cardstock so they would be nice a sturdy. 

Now that Liam is three and talking I decided to have him fill out a Daddy Questionnaire, It was so cute to see Alex read the answers and will be a fun tradition to do each year. It also comes with a questionnaire for Grandpa too.

We also made these cute hand and footprint crafts I found on Pinterest. The boys are super ticklish so that was a fun experience!

I hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day and made your husband feel super special for all the hard work he does!


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