Show your Superpower

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by our local library to play on their playground. I used to bring Liam to story time every Thursday for about 5 months. After many many many times having to chase after Liam and trying to keep him quiet and calm while choosing books I thought this is not setting either of us up for success and decided it’s best to find a new physical activity to make us both happy. 

While at the park we had to make a stop inside for a potty break. I was looking around and decided to grab some books since my husband was there to watch Liam. One of the books we check out was called “Ten rules of being a superhero“. My son’s eyes got so big and I could tell he was listened to every word. I felt if he was this excited and interested in a book, I had to incorporate this into our real life. 

The story follows a little boy (Lava Boy) and his superhero toy (Captain Magma) who show you the rules of being a superhero and how it affects those around them. Rule #3 was the rule that helped guide me in the direction I was looking for. 

Rule #3: Every superhero has at least one superpower, that’s what makes him SUPER! Captain magma had three superpowers which i thought was great and we made it our own. 

After we finished the book, Liam and I talked about superheros and what his three super powers are. 

#1 Has a friendly personality

#2 Is a great jumper

#3 An awesome big brother

His superhero pose

These three superpowers have given Liam such confidence and I’ve seen a huge growth in him. When we go places to play I remind him to show off his superpower and he gives me a huge smile with a thumbs up. It helps a lot at home as well when he forgets to be gentle to Bennett. I just remind him of his superpower and his eyes light up and he gets so excited to be a superhero. 

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as we did. It might have become a household favorite and will soon be added to our library. 


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