I thought it was about time to introduce myself…

My name is Jen Swearingen. I am the oldest and only girl of 3 children. My husband, Alex and I have been married for four and a half years and we have 2 wonderful boys, Liam (3) and Bennett (6 months). Liam is my strong, independent, funny boy who teaches me about parenting everyday while Bennett is a happy, laid back, go with the flow baby that this Mama desperately needed.

I’ve grown up in Wake Forest close to family. My cousins were more like siblings who lived in different houses, this called for many sleepovers. Family is a very big part of who I am and I’m so glad Alex grew up the same way. Both our parents live 10 minutes from us and our boys get to grow up with their grandparents close by. We have no shortage of babysitters.

I’ve been working with kids since I took a babysitting course at the young age of 9. Babysitting, various preschools, and teaching dance class. My recent job was as a two year old assistant at Hope Lutheran Preschool in Wake Forest. I worked there for 5 wonderful years. The first day my lead teacher and I met was the start of our amazing friendship. We married the same year, had our first sons 7 weeks apart and now have second sons 12 weeks apart. To say God just drops amazing things in your lap is ever so true with this amazing woman I call my best friend.

This month marks my first year as a stay-at-home Mom. I was so excited to start a new journey with my Liam  and anxious about adding another to our duo. Having a brother almost 10 years younger and working with kids I thought I had motherhood in the bag. Yea The Lord was definitely laughing at that joke. I love my son so very much. I carried him, gave birth to him, but he has no limits and tests my “expert” parenting everyday. Now that he is 3 I see his maturity and remorse. He’s grown not only in height but in his speech, knowledege, and integrity. He wants to know everything and is so curious. His fire for learning is a gift and I never want to put out his flame. God is my rock and shoulder when I feel this amazing boy is too much for my impatient, human mind to handle. My prayer for Liam is to lean on Jesus and to follow whatever greatness he has for him. I know he has a wonderful future ahead of him. Adding Bennett to our family this past December was just what our family needed. It was like he was part of our little family all along. He loves when we go out to parks, play dates, the pool, and indoor play places. He flashes his amazing smile and it melts everyone’s heart.

I started my Weight Watcher life style in February of 2015. I was almost 12 months postpartum and counting calories only got my so far. I was 15 lbs away from my goal and I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I knew there was a healthier, more effective way to lose weight. In just 4 short months I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight and felt amazing. I was eating the right portions, had lots of energy, and felt full! I continued to use Weight Watchers until I got pregnant March 2016. I didn’t consistently record my points but I did manage to gain 10 less lbs than my first pregnancy. Now that I’m 6 months postpartum I’ve been back recording my points everyday for the past month. I’m excited to share some yummy recipes and my healthy eating lifestyle. 

I wanted to enter the blog world to share my life with you. I want other moms to know there is someone else going through the same thing. I want to help support my husband and share his love of bread with people who share the same passion. I want to share my knowledge of teaching and working with children for so many years.  Thank you for joining this journey with me.


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