Summer Rules

Now that it’s summer and your children are out of school do you feel a little overwhelmed? Personally I am a mess without my lists. I have lists for everything!! Diaper bag, pool bag, chores; you name it, I probably have a list for it. I was scrolling on my Facebook feed and saw this summer schedule for children. I find it so hard sometimes and feel so guilty for having the television on. I liked that the chart allowed us to watch TV but chores and activities came first. This also has helped us with getting ready when we have plans that morning. I loved the idea, but knew I had to change some things for it to work for our family. I wanted to share my “School Rules” chart with you to print and post in your home. This chart is geared for preschoolers (pre-reader) since that is what I’m catering to in my home. It only has pictures so my son can do the chart by himself and doesn’t need me to read it to him. Our goal at the end of this is to teach our three year old responsibility and to help the chaos that the summer brings. Below I will explain the pictures and the chores that go with each. They are pretty explanatory which is great for the youngsters. I hope you enjoy and feel a little more organized in the chaotic summer months.

Summer Rules

Top Line:

Get Dressed/Make your bed/Eat breakfast/Brush your teeth/Help mommy with a chore  

Middle Line:

20 min Read a book/20 min coloring/20 min play with play doh/20 min alphabet practice 

(I didn’t write a time on the chart so they can be adjusted)


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