Swimming Jellyfish Craft

I’m a stickler for paper plate crafts. We always have them and there’s so many things you can do with a paper plate. I saw this craft on Facebook and knew it would be a fun activity to do with Liam while Bennett took his morning nap.


  • paper plate
  • small piece of cardboard (I used an old teddy graham box. I often recycle my snack boxes, they are a great substitute for cardboard)
  • blue paint/blue marker
  • pink paint (or color you’d like to paint your jellyfish)
  • paintbrush
  • colorful yarn (we only had navy blue, but you can use a rainbow of colors)
  • googly eyes or google eye stickers
  • jumbo craft stick (large popcycle stick)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • scissors (I used adult and child size, I had Liam help cut the yarn)


Colored our paper plate with blue marker



Painting our jellyfish pink. He learned that mixing white paint and red paint make pink.


Glueing our jellyfish tentacles. They were really sticky


Our final product!!

I like to let my son make it his own, perfection is not in the product. Of course this does drive me nuts seeing as I’m a perfectionist. He gets so excited knowing it’s unique and he did everything by himself.

Refer to the I Heart Crafty Things page for step by step instructions. Have fun crafting 🙂


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